Bowser is Mario's nemesis and the main antagonist of both games. He has plans to kidnap Princess Peach and take over all galaxies, but his plans are stopped thanks to Mario.

Super Mario Galaxy Edit

In the first game, Bowser lifts Princess Peach's Castle and kidnaps her, and has a Magikoopa blast Mario off to space. However, Mario recovers and goes off after him.

Mario first fights Bowser in Bowser's Star Reactor. He fights him unlike other battles: they fight on a round planet covered with glass panels with lava under it. Bowser can pounce on you. To defeat him, you need him to pounce on the panels to burn him. After, he will run around, which you will then need to Star Spin him. Do this three times to defeat him.

You fight him again on Bowser's Dark Matter Plant in the same fashion, but Bowser now generates shock waves when he lands on the ground.

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